Vohann - Blooming!

In summer of 2007 I ordered some plants from a local daylily nursery, Eclectic Gardens, out in Hillsboro, Oregon. Having just recently transitioned from being more of a plant collector to think more along the lines of landscape design and grouping plants for a larger effect, I had ordered three of their 'Vohann' daylilies. In 2008, they were still getting established and they didn't bloom.

This year, however, I was well rewarded with their tall 36" flower scapes with regal red velvety blooms. They look great. Here's a few pictures from my yard:

Eclectic Gardens is a good local retailer for daylilies, I got several fans of daylilies, plus a bonus cultivar that they offered. Check them out- they have a lot of beautiful selections. Back out to the patio to enjoy some time with my daughter and some fresh iced tea!


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